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Finding out a little bit about my clients before I meet them always helps me prepare and it’s something I’m glad I did before I met Ethan. He had me assume a rather compromising position, not something all my clients get me to do but I’m very open minded so like to try new things. He stood back and took me in, admiring every single inch of my body. I absolutely loved every second of it but the second he put his hands on me it blew my mind. His soft fingers traced my thighs turning me on and putting me in the perfect mood for a passionate night. The way he kissed me, all of it made me feel like I was going to lose myself in him and the night had only just begun.

Ethan was six foot one and had the most perfect body, toned and ripped in all the right places. He was every girl’s prince charming. Ethan had the whole package when it came to the perfect man. He had great looks, charisma and was hugely successful. In fact most would probably wonder why he’d chosen to come to an escort for satisfaction considering he could so easily pick a girl up at any bar he walked into. Unfortunately for every woman that found themselves falling in love with Ethan, he had a specific type of woman along with a few specific needs they usually couldn’t fulfil. I on the other hand, happen to be just what he’s looking for.

Ethan has always been a guy who likes to live a flavour filled life and this carries on into his choice of women. Being an escort from Russia and having flame red hair are what first drew him to me. He told me the second he set eyes on my picture, relaxing in a chair in only my lacy emerald green lingerie that he felt things he hadn’t felt in a long time. He told me he sat and stared at that picture and every so often he still looks at it too. I know it took him a little while to pluck up the courage to call me but I’m rather glad he did. He’s my favourite client, he gets me excited in ways no other man does and I know I get him just as excited too…I can certainly see it through his tight jeans anyway. He tells me I’m a lot sexier than my pictures and I have to say that a lot of my clients say the same.

From then on the night was just insane. We spent every second wrapped around each other, sweaty and breathless…my favourite way to work up a sweat. Just one night with me proved to him that turning to me for affection was by far the best decision to could have made. Now every time he has a spare evening in London and feels the need to be satisfied in ways he knows only I can, he calls. I must say when I hear his name I always do my best to make myself free too. What can I say; it’s my duty to give him exactly what he needs.

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