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Escorts Love To Tease


As you know, thanks to working for one of London's best escort agencies I have a walk in wardrobe that make Selfridges designers departments jealous. I own more shoes even with my clothes auction blowing a massive hole in my own personal shop in my humble abode. I have discovered websites and shops that I won't even tell my closest friends about...What?! I'm human and I like to trawl the gorgeous racks or pages on my own and get first dibs on the lace and silk.

Fred is a regular of mine and always calls the escort agency and asks for me. He is so regular that he expects me to change everything about myself. Tthankfully bar my hair colour; he likes a brunette escort. You may think I have a lot of shoes, underwear and clothes in general. However, when your client’s motto is that "variety is the spice of life", you know you have to keep on top of your game. And we all know that the best escorts  love to tease their clients with sexy little outfits whenever possible.


Strangely we tend to frequent the same couple of restaurants over and over and he always takes me for cocktails in his favourite members only bar. It's in Park Lane and he believes not a lot of people know about but I have heard from my fellow elite escorts that they have been to this mysterious bar many a time. It is really not so hard for top escorts to gain an access code, but what the client doesn't know doesn't hurt them!


I have to constantly think about whether I have teased him with my red Myla Basque or tempted him with my black and gold agent provocateur set. It gets a real pain when I want to team my black Manolo peep toes with my gorgeous Gucci belted strapless dress. God, I love my shoes. Comfortable, stylish and super sexy but it really isn't that hard to go shopping for new attire all the time.


No, seriously, don't feel bad for me. It's part of my job and we all know that escorts love to tease.

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