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Being on holiday in Switzerland recently has urged me to go somewhere warmer this time! I need to save up first. Easter and skiing have wiped me out to the point where the computer says no. Don't get me wrong, escorts know how to travel, and there's room on my MasterCard for a weekend abroad somewhere. However, I need my credit limit for emergencies ... such as the Louboutin sale on Motcomb Street in Knightsbridge


My idea of saving is defined as: 'squirrelling cash away so I can't reach it'. I have a reserve account attached to my main current account and an off-shore bank account that only you, me and the gatepost know about. I keep that money for a rainy day, but there have been so many rainy days lately that I can't decide which of them will inherit my money! Some weeks, I can deposit a few hundred in at the bank. Especially when dates have paid for my delectable services at a time and a half - or an in-call escort appointment becomes an overnight.


It goes against all my principles to accept cash presents. Of course, there are my regular clients who treat me like a princess and who believe that I am their one and only. But I never took them for granted. We set the ground rules before the date begins and never speak of money again after that... it makes me feel awkward. I am a very independent woman, like it or lump it.


So back on my holiday, I could make it a working holiday and Agency Pink can arrange this for me. Specific international clients would love to see me. Escorts know how to travel in style, of course, but I'd like to switch my phone off and read a book. I wish for a large swimming pool, a sun lounger and a dialect I must concentrate on to understand - and somewhere non-touristy. A desert island, perhaps! Hmmmm, I'm feeling a trip to the travel agent is happening soon ...


But for now, I must close my laptop and concentrate on an evening with Paul, who wants to try out the Cinnamon Club in Westminster. Note to self not to wear white where curry is concerned.


If you’ve ever wanted a travel companion, then Agency Pink will have the perfect lady jour jours know how to travel and love the thrill of seeing new places with exciting clients like you. To book one of our escorts, you only need to look at our gallery and choose which takes your fancy.  You can discuss your needs with one of our friendly English receptionists, who will guide you to which escort would be ideal.


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