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Call me Lawerence Llewlyn Bowen for style or a politician with the amount of opinion that come out of my mouth. I have seen many countries in my line of work and an international travel escort. I'm what you might call a bit of an escort style guru. I don't even bat an eyelid now when asked to accompany a client abroad these days. Once upon a time, I used to phone up my elite colleagues and gush about going to New York or Milan and I still love going to these places. However, the shine or novelty if you like is slightly lack lustre...unlike my passion for my job of course.

What never gets boring for me though is going to client's homes. Obviously with my regular London clients, once you've seen their impressive mansions you can tick it off your list. but when you have a new client willing to show off his grand pad in - a wave of excitement washes over me like a kid waking up on Christmas day.

I am nosey. I used to love watching the programme cribs and seeing how pimped out celebs houses were. I know style is personal but some of the gadgets and expensive items that decorated their homes seemed a tad excessive. "What that old vase? Yeah, it's 8 million but pocket change to me baby".

"Theo" my newbie invited me round to his Kensington pad recently and knocked my socks off with how tastefully decorated it was. 8 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 4 reception rooms; you get the idea. All looking gorgeous and completely different. I like to think of myself as an escort style guru but this guy is the style god in my professional opinion.

"Theo" is an actor who specializes in foreign films so in the Far East he is a legend and has made loads of money. He told me he designed all the rooms himself and got an interior designer to put his ideas into practice. Slightly clinical in the bathrooms with more of a hotel feel but damn his bed was comfy. I am a tad skeptical wondering where he found the time to do this himself? Anyway, his home was stunning and only a quick walk to the shops and some trendy bars. 

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