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You wouldn't believe some of the things I have been asked to do in my time whilst on a date with a client. Nothing surprises me anymore but it may open other eyes or raise a few eyebrows. There is, however, something I haven't done, despite there being a good few requests - let myself be filmed for the enjoyment of another. And yes, I do mean in an adult context of escort filming.

Consenting adults in a trusting relationship may enjoy the odd "private home collection" of VHS or DVD. Sadly, I'm not someone's "Reader's Wife". I couldn't say for definite that my body in various contortions wouldn't appear on YouTube or as a link on a social networking site. Furthermore, I don't think there is anything in my contract that stipulates that I can't model for the enjoyment of others but I don't want to. I'm not a porn star that is NOT on my list of credentials on my C.V.

Video Girl


The first time a client asked me to participate in a little amateur escort filming theatre; I was a good deal younger and inexperienced. Escorting was new to me and I had yet to find my own way. He didn't say, at the time of booking, that he wanted me to do anything other than meet him at The Goring hotel just outside of Victoria Station. Well, I arrived, he met me in the lobby and then we went up to his room for drinks... until I saw the tripod fixed at the foot of the bed. I have to say; I felt uneasy and a little threatened which are the two things an escort should never have to experience.


My heart was hammering and I thought "I'm going to have to front this out...'


He said he thought I'd like some escort filming. I told him I thought he should have told me first! I was in no frame of mind to pout and pose down a camera lens, so I told him either to take me out for dinner or forget the whole experience. Well, the room had cost him an arm and a leg (not to mention the elaborate tale he'd spun to his wife!). Therefore, with a grumble and furrowed brow he packed it all away and called us a taxi. Did I stay longer than the two hours? No. Did he call me again? No. Did I care? No.



You live and learn, folks...


So now, should there be even a whisper of something I'm not sure of or something that goes against my moral code, I say no and I walk away. I don't even enter into a discussion. My regular clients know what they can and can't get away with when I join them out and about. For example, the greatest gift you can give your Agency Pink escort is respect.

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