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Elite Escorts – I Love Getting Ready for a Client



I don’t know about other escorts in London, but my favourite part of my job is getting ready for a client. I usually meet with my clients in the evenings and start getting ready at least an hour beforehand, as I need to shower, shave, style my hair, apply makeup and otherwise get prepared for the evening.
Getting myself glammed up for a date is always a thrill, as it is like putting on a costume. It’s my “me-time” when I focus on making myself look beautiful and caring for my body. I might be a regular shy and sweet girl in my day-to-day life, but when I am on a date, I am confident, sexy and outgoing. I can play the part of the perfect companion, whether it is a sophisticated lady or a fun party girl. I allow different parts of my personality to shine through so that I can fulfil the fantasy of the client.

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