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Double the pleasure

London is full of beautiful escorts on their way to make a man very happy indeed. You only have to open your eyes the next time you are visiting a luxury Mayfair hotel or in Kensington’s residential areas to spot these busy young women travelling to and from a client. We specialise in bespoke services that have been tailored to the very last detail. Make sure you let our receptionist know that you want two elite escorts and what you would like to happen - and how to make it possible

Did you know that Agency Pink London escort agency can be booked in pairs? Beautiful, sultry women who can complement each other from the smoothness of their young skin, to the colour of their hair (blonde and brunette as a contrast?) or the passionate qualities of the countries they were born in (Latina ladies are especially fiery with flashing eyes and quick tempers!)

It is often a gentleman's fantasy to have two beautiful women catering to his whims and needs. Remember that it is an elite escort’s mission to be as discreet as she can. Anything that goes on behind closed doors stays behind closed doors. How you want that to pan is entirely your business!

To book your special requirements, call us any time, day or night (our lines are open 24hrs of the day). We can make it happen, just open your imagination.

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