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Don't get found out

Here at Agency Pink escorts we do not judge – it is not our concern as to why you want to book an escort, and people do for a really wide variety of reasons. From being lonely, to wanting to share a meal with a beautiful woman, or deciding to add glamour to an event, to simply wanting fun and excitement – you have your own reasons.


We understand clients’ concerns. If you haven’t booked an escort before or that you don’t want you friends or family to find out that you have, Agency Pink offers a very discreet service. From time to time, escort stories hit the news – usually when someone rich or famous or otherwise well-known is accused of using escort services and the media reacts in its usual sniffy, judgmental and hypocritical fashion.

Those stories never come from the agencie. Why would they? A good escort is many things – and the most important value she has is her discretion.

For ordinary people whose stories wouldn’t be worth anything in terms of kiss and tells, though – we still treat all clients the same at Agency Pink. Our bookings and arrangements and contact with you is all arranged according to what you want, and we are also skilled at matchmaking so if you can’t decide which of our models is right for you, we’ll help. All of our girls have different personalities and looks (though we’re right in saying that they are all friendly), but perhaps you like sporty girls, or adventurous girls – or maybe your preference is for a music lover?

Clients also worry that if they book an escort for an event, it will be obvious. Again, because we run a very discreet escort agency our girls are skilled at blending into any situation and they are sociable, interesting and interested. They can also work with you to create a back story to explain how you “met”. It’ll be easier than you think, we promise!


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