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Do you think 3 is a crowd?



Like many gentlemen, we always get calls asking for two ladies to see, preferably in their apartment. Our client this evening had never seen two ladies together and wanted to experience for the first time what his friends were raving about.  Agency Pink first knew of the perfect place and, indeed, the ideal ladies that he could visit. Our client was in central London, and we offered him escorts in Bayswater for convenience. We knew he liked busty ladies, so Carina and Helen were right up his street.

We gave him the lady's address via text, which he was happy to receive, but because of privacy, we reminded him to delete it as soon as he arrived at the lady’s address. Our client arrived at Bayswater tube station and could walk into the building without hassle; he quickly went into the lift and was taken to the floor, where he got out and found the room number. There, Carina and Helen greeted him. Both girls are stunning and very friendly. Our client felt very relaxed.  He was offered a drink before our ladies entertained him.

Slowly and surely, our client got into the spirit of things where our ladies knew how to please any discerning gentleman. Their heavenly bodies entwined with the gentleman watching; he desperately wanted to get involved with the action, too. Now, our client knows the hype and wonders why he hadn’t done this before. He knew that he had made the right choice, the right choice in ladies and the right choice of the number of ladies.

His encounter was something that he would want to try again, maybe with another two of our gorgeous babes. Our London escort agency has many affairs for you to try and experience. We are very knowledgeable about our ladies and will always aim to send you the proper ladies for you, whatever you’d like to share. So, if you’ve ever wanted to try something new but never had the courage, why not call us? And you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what our lovely companions can offer you, with no pressure, just pleasure!!!

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