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A career as an escort can be very rewarding, both financially and personally. However, not all women are suited to a career in escorting. We’ve put together a guide to what we feel makes a great escort in London. If any of the following sounds like you then you may have just discovered your next career move!

• Confidence: A good escort needs to exude confidence. The type of men that may be seeking companionship with an escort may be lacking confidence with women and looking for hints and tips on dating and intimacy. Your role as an escort is to have the confidence to provide the kind of companionship that your customer is paying for.

• Adaptability: All men are different, so it’s important for an escort to be able to easily adapt her approach and demeanour depending on the personality and requirements of each customer. Some men will know exactly what they want from their time with you, while others will need a little guidance; it’s important to be able to read your customer and adapt accordingly.

• Appearance: All good escorts know how important it is to look after themselves and their appearance. A good skincare regime is a must, as well as regular exercise and grooming. Exercise will keep you looking and feeling your best as well as boosting your energy levels and improving your fitness in order to cope with whatever is asked of you on a date. Good grooming is also essential; regular waxing to remove unwanted body hair, as well as regular hair-cuts and having your nails done will keep you looking and feeling glamorous and sexy.

• Personality: It’s vital for escorts to have a fun and flirty demeanour. This will help your customers to feel relaxed and comfortable during their time with you. Pay them compliments, boost their confidence and make each one feel special. If you can tailor your service to each client and give them what they want then you’re more likely to get repeat custom.

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