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Do you have a thing for high heels?



Ladies for centuries have favoured the look of a good heel; it makes them feel very feminine and enhances their silhouette even more. When you look closer at our gallery of ladies, you will see that all of the ladies featured will have a pair of heels on. We think they would look naked without them on. So whether you are a man who likes their ladies to keep their shoes on, we have the perfect escort with a variety of you to lust over.

One of the most popular requests at Agency Pink is for our ladies to come dressed in sexy outfits, complete with high heels. The most popular fetish around, a woman in heels, is something to behold. The allure, the desire; there's something about them that screams out sensuality. 

I guess it has something to do with the pain that the women put themselves through to make their legs look better. As Margaret Attwood called them, these "delicate instruments of torture" are a woman's way of showing off her features, making that ass pop out and highlighting her feet. 

And whilst feet aren't everyone's favourite cup of tea, you can't deny that a woman in lingerie and high heels is a sight to behold. 

No wonder our agency escorts have their wardrobes busting at the seams with designer heels; shoes are an escort's favourite possession, as with most ladies. Just as men love cars, women adore shoes.

So, without rambling on much further, take a look at some of our hottest escorts in high heels and get an idea of the mischief that could be in store for you if you make a booking.

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