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Do women really care about size?



Despite evidence to the contrary, many men continue to have concerns about whether size does matter when it comes to satisfying their partner. However, according to a recent study carried out, men are worrying needlessly as women are far more interested in the person rather than their appendage. Does this prove that women are just far more considerate and discreet, or is it true that ‘size doesn’t matter’ to the fairer sex? One of the UK’s leading sex experts has spent the last twenty years interviewing both men and women about their sexual experiences and attitudes and agrees that size and performance top the list of ‘Men’s Worries’. 

However, what most men fail to realise is that it’s not all about penetration and as only 30% of women orgasm through penetration alone, other ways of arousal and stimulation, such as the use of fingers and tongue, can be just as satisfying for your partner if you learn to do them well. Additionally, as most of the sensory nerves are concentrated in the first few centimetres of the vagina, it’s more about width than length. 

Another survey that was carried out asked 105 women to rate men's attractiveness from a series of 53 computer-generated images that were rotated to show the bodies from all angles. Most women chose tall men with broad shoulders and long manhood as their favourite body type. Yet in the real world, women prefer men as their partners based on more than just their body and looks; qualities such as a sense of humour, kindness, and ability to show love and treat them nicely are far more likely to attract a woman than any physical characteristic. So, guys, it’s time to stop worrying and have fun. Girls want you to have a fabulous time in their company, and our London escorts are ready and waiting for you...

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