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Companions For Couples

Couple escort appointments have become increasingly popular as more and more couples seek new ways to spice things up. The traditional threesomes have fallen out of favour somewhat as it tends to instil feelings of insecurity and jealously especially when it involves a third party that the couple already know. A couple’s escort appointment there seems to be none of these problems because the escort is completely unknown to the couple on a personal level and after the sexy tryst the couple need have no further dealings.

Where the couple’s appointment is booked the companion knows that usually the gentleman will enjoy more of a watching scenario with his partner receiving all the attention from the escort. Most men find it extremely erotic to watch their partner with another woman whereas this tends not to be the case if it is the other way round. Our ladies understand this and as their aim is to ensure that the couple enjoy their time, they have no problems with that. Usually the couple will enjoy each other at the height of their desire with the escort’s general encouragement and after the appointment no further contact is made and the couple can go on with their daily lives uninterrupted by emotions and insecurities

Agency Pink caters for almost every taste and desire. Duos are more geared towards single guys who would like to enjoy the pleasures of the attention of two stunning companions with themselves being the main focus of attention. Couple appointments tend to be the female partner of the couple who gets all the attention from the escort with the gentlemen enjoying his partner’s pleasure from another woman.

We have the greatest selection of the most beautiful and enchanting ladies in London. You can rest assured that the escorts you see within our galleries are all discreet, intelligent and socially confident.  They seek nothing more than to provide pleasure and have no interest in furthering any relationship with their clients. This is, perhaps why so many couples turn to us to enhance their private lives as we are a trustworthy and reliable escort agency which is Agency Pink!

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