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Agency Pink can help you choose the best restaurants and aims to try and make the selection process a little bit simpler.  If you give us a brief insight into your favourite cuisine we have a list of the finest restaurants in London. If you want that first date to be a surprise, it has been well researched. We would especially like to draw your attention to Le Gavroche the first restaurant in Britain to be awarded 3 Michelin-Stars in 1982 and 22nd in the top 50 restaurants in the world. Situated on Upper Brook Street, W1K, Le Gavroche boasts superb French cuisine, longevity and standards of excellence that other restaurants can only aspire to. After all, how many stars and celebrities, over five decades, can be wrong?

One of the most successful ways to treat your elite London Escort and get to know her better is to take her out for a 5-star lunch at an equally impressive 5 star restaurant. 

Being such a diverse and multi-cultural city, London showcases a spectacular range of eateries. From traditional British fare to pan Asian, the choice will ensure there is always something new to try when you book your executive escort for another date. Why not ask your stunning companion what she prefers, what she recommends and where she has never been. Match up your experiences and arrange to go somewhere that you are both eager to try. 

Your elite escort companion will be delighted that you took the time to make your time together so memorable. When you are both well fed and had a few glasses to loosen the mood, why not round off the evening in a bar where you can talk some more? Agency Pink has an equally impressive knowledge of bars and clubs in London that we can suggest, either together or prior to your date. Whatever your requirements, we are here to make that process smooth and enjoyable.

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