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Have you noticed that there are some people in the world who seem to have an innate ability to not just party harder than others, but also to do it for longer as well. In general, these people seemingly have just one mission in life: ‘Seize the day!’

Party Animals

Although these people go by many different names, they are perhaps best known as ‘party animals’. Party animals are the first to arrive for a night out, the last to leave a party and are guaranteed to make any gathering just that little bit livelier. They do it harder, faster and more comprehensively than anybody else and they know it. They are, as someone once remarked about Lord Byron, ‘Mad, bad and dangerous to know.

Does this sound familiar? Do these words describe you? Are you a bona fide party animal of the highest order?

If so, then kudos is yours. Unless you are a Buddhist, you only get one shot at life so it is to your credit that you are blazing a trail and having the time of your life while you are able to do so.

Fall of the Wing Men

However, if you have been an authentic partying legend for a good while now, you may have noticed that your cohorts (often known as ‘wing men’) may be less inclined to ‘have it large’ than they once were. Indeed, even good time party boys who have developed reputations for very nearly being able to keep up with you will inevitably get to a time of life when they simply do not have the staying power to match your own.

Indeed, while you still regard Thursday and Friday nights out as being warm-ups for a big Saturday; many of your wing men may see Saturday as being a welcome chance to watch TV and recover from the shenanigans of the previous two nights.

Moreover, some of your pals may even see staying in with the missus and/or kids as being more important (or even more desirable) than going out on the lash.

True Staying Power

It is fair to say that this lack of staying power in others has the potential to significantly disrupt your party lifestyle. After all, going out on your own is rarely an enjoyable experience, even when you have the ability to make friends very quickly. So what do you do? Retire and start taking an interest in TV gardening programs?

Hell no! You give us a call here at Agency Pink and arrange to meet up with one (or more) of our party-loving escorts in London.

Our ‘up for it’ girls are always in the mood to party so it doesn’t matter if you’re after an evening of drinks on Thursday or a night out clubbing on Saturday, you can be sure our beautiful Agency Pink ladies are on hand 24hrs to party as hard as you want.

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