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Classy, not Trashy

Discretion at Agency Pink escorts as you probably know is paramount.

Do you ever worry that the girls you book will look like you have just booked them?

Like most high class model escorts when our girls out for dates with clients, they make a huge effort to ensure their look matches the occasion. They are familiar with most of the city’s best hotels, restaurants and clubs so they know what to wear. They pick their outfits so that they fit right in. If they have never been to the venue before, they phone ahead and find out from the Maître’s what the dress code is. They pick out jewellery that is expensive, but discreet.

They then apply make-up which highlights and showcases their best features but always make sure it doesn’t look overdone or tarty. A little well-applied mascara and eye-liner, blusher to highlight cheekbones and a nude or red lipstick is a favoured look.

Beforehand, they often find out a bit about their clients – their interests, their job and where they are going so that there will be plenty that they can talk to their client about. If you saw them out and about, you would think they were an ordinary kind of couple on a date – though of course you might look twice at our ladies and you might envy the man that they are with.

Our London escorts have been on plenty of dates where they have been approached – by a client’s colleagues or friends. They have been in many restaurants with clients. For example, an acquaintance of our client kept staring at one of our ladies and then he began asking questions – how did they know each other? Where had they met? How long had they been seeing each other, where did our lady come from, etc.? Of course our ladies are experts in dealing with such questions and batting them off.

Our lady answered a few of his questions with very plausible answers and then she employed her favourite fail-safe trick – she turned it round to him, asked him plenty of questions about himself and it worked a charm. He lapped up the questions and the attention and five minutes later her client and our escort were able to extricate themselves from the situation.  So you see it’s a fail-safe plan to book a date with Agency Pink elite model escorts.

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