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Canary Wharf company

As an iconic skyline that can be recognised from the Surrey side of the M25 Canary Wharf has been at the very heart of the London Docklands for centuries. Over twenty years ago, Canary Wharf as we recognise it today, came under construction and is now a multi-million-pound commercial and business extravaganza. Home to banks, businesses and unbelievable shopping outlets, Canary Wharf is a district that never sleeps.

The great stretch of docks from St. Katharine's by the Tower of London, past Surrey Commercial Docks, through the East and West Indies and the Royal Docks to Barking, were the world's largest port. These docks grew and developed over 200 years. As ever, the City of London is a minefield of history, often forgotten in the modern-day, commercial world. 

As you can imagine, our Agency Pink girls are impressed by the towering steel frames of 1 Canada Square, 6 Canada Square and the Citigroup Centre. As a London or international client, you cannot say you have seen East London if you have never been to this financial quarter of the city. From suited businessmen and women to tourists, to night-time revellers going to Boisdale in Cabot Place - there is always someone to bump into.

However impressive these modern buildings are, it was up until 1961 the Docklands (and their old buildings) stood testimony to a huge industrial area. In the late 1500's, the Port of London was alive with activity, trade was expanding and Docklands became a point of departure for merchant ventures - in 1620 the Mayflower set sail from Rotherhithe to America. In 1802 the West India Docks opened and were considered to be the country's greatest civil engineering structure of its day. 

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