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Can you spot an elite escort?

As an elite London escort many years ago I got to know all of the finest and high-class escorts of the city, Whenever I would go to a VIP event with a nice gentleman by my side I would allow my eyes to scan around the room to see which one of the many beautiful and impressive ladies walking around the room is a civilian and which are the VIP escorts.

It’s funny if you think about it, but to be an Elite escort in London is pretty similar to being a spy or a superhero with a fake identity, just like Clarke Kent I have my superhero custom underneath my innocent looking outfit, but unlike superman I have on a full Victoria secret lingerie that will make kryptonite melt down and turn to a delicious caviar.

If one wishes to spot the Elite escort in the room than he needs to look for the little slips, A lace bra that appears when she makes a quick turn can hint that there’s an Elite escort in front of you, or maybe the vixen smile that pops when you tell her “I think I’ve seen you somewhere before”.

Now not to say I’m suggesting that every lace wearing vixen in the room is a London elite escort, but trust me guys you wouldn’t believe how many of the girls walking next to you in the street have played or mastered the life of High-class escort in London.

But like all superhero’s, also London’s best VIP escorts are living a secret life wrapped in a secret identity, they are the brave beauties of the night, the guardians of passion and without a doubt possess the greatest super-power of all. Lust!!

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