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It's the time of year where I rarely get a moment to myself. With the weather getting warmer and more humid new clients rear their lovely heads and start the getting-to-know-you phase to see if they like what they read and viewed before booking up some company for some hotel fun or maybe whisking me away for a summer trip.

I always play each new date as if I am interviewing them in my own little way rather than them trying me out. I love meeting new people and I am genuinely fascinated by Mr 32 year old playboy's reason for picking an elite London escort over one of his many adoring groupies. I love to hear how Mr 48 year old workaholic feels the need to keep living la Vida, rather than settle down and I do like to quash Mr 37 year olds nerves by making him feel completely at ease with me.

Whether you live in Surrey or Central London, I enjoy going to various restaurants as a meet and greet rather than whisking me off to places afar as a first meeting. I don't need to be impressed or wowed, give me good company and I'm happy; and believe me I am just as eager to please. Whether my pleasing be to the eye or great conversation, I do still get a little butterfly flutter as I carefully pick my outfit and curl my hair. It's never something I take for granted, being an ex-model and resting on my looks to get me somewhere; plus there is so much more to me than a lovely figure (though of course that helps).

I'm pretty much like a chameleon when it comes to dates. Sure I love dressing up in heels and dresses that have recently been purchased on an all-day shopping spree but I can also dress down for an adventure day to get the adrenaline pumping in preparation for my active one to one in my client’s hotel suite.

I adore a man who can make me laugh and I see my role as one that is a social butterfly with a few after dinner nibbles. 

So if you need a spring or summer companion why not book with us, you have definitely come to one of London’s best escort sites and we are sure you will not be disappointed.

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