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In elite escorts, I pride myself on the relationships I build with my clients. Sometimes, I even find myself drawing into natural chemistry with some. But business is business, and it's purely only sexual, not emotional, which suits them down to the ground also. I have never had a client ask me to leave my job and run away with them, where they will fill my life with love and luxury. Most of my regulars will have talked with me at some point about how they would love to have a woman like me in their life permanently. However, I always tell them that my first love is Jimmy Choo and my second love is Mr Gucci himself, and those bonds will never be broken. As a result, they backtrack before saying something silly like "I could change your mind". 


My colleagues have had similar experiences. One gorgeous international travel escort had been on a superb four-day luxury trip to Dubai with her client, and he wooed her completely. She told him all the right things, like she loved the time they had together and how she hoped he would call again to further their experiences together. He took this to mean, "I love you; let's have a long and happy life together". She most certainly did not point this, and her Mr Hopeful became Mr Embarrassed as she told him that he was just a work colleague to her. Business is business; remember, always has been and always will be in this game.


You must be clear to a client that you only love the moment and the experience, not the man! Luckily for me, I always articulate well, and for one client in particular, he would run as fast as he could if I even hinted at being interested in him. The thing he enjoys about me is the lack of real emotional attachment. We can go out for dinner and hold hands and smooch as we dance in some great clubs, but then we say goodnight, and I wait for him to call again.


Most of my clients don't have girlfriends and use my service to avoid any commitment in their lives other than to their jobs. This suits me ideally as I continue a long affair with my designer names. Shopping is my true love, and long may it continue!

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