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Building up a connection

Like most escorts in London, I have regular clients. These are men who want to see me on a regular basis. Some arrange to see my weekly, others monthly and I have a couple of clients who don't live in London, but who book me whenever they're in town. While most escorts do like to see a variety of clients, it's always good to have a group of regulars. Having regular client’s means that you can start to build relationships, you know what they do and don't like and you pretty much know what to expect each time you meet.

Over my years working as an escort in London, I've gathered together a group of clients whom I see regularly. They're mainly businessmen who either work in the city or who come here on business but I also am occasionally asked to provide a 'bi' show for clients with one of the other duo escorts and I've also been requested by a married couple to add a little spice to their relationship, but my female client, Sara, has an entirely different agenda. Sara is happily married and while she's always realised that she has bi tendencies, she's never had a relationship with a woman and so she uses my escort services to give her an experience which she doesn't feel she can get with a man. We often go out to dinner, to a club and generally just have fun, but we also share an intimacy that she doesn't have with her other female friends, and she has none of the drama that would go with starting a relationship with another woman.

One of my other regulars is a guy who works long hours as a trader in the city. He just doesn't have time to find a girlfriend and even if he did, he wouldn't have the time to see her. He's busy climbing the career ladder and is not ready to settle down. He finds that having me as a regular date gives him great flexibility. I'm available when he feels like partying but I won't get upset if he doesn't call. We have great fun together; he's good company, he's generous and he loves to let his hair down outside of his stressful job and our relationship fits his current needs perfectly.

I love my regular clients; I look forward to seeing them and they provide me with some stability.

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