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Brotherly love...

Tom’s instructions for my date with him today were that I choose where we go, what I will wear and take complete control but he will pay. His only specific requirements were that we spend a lot of money and go to the best places in Central London…oh and look like a couple if the paparazzi decide to take pictures. This to me means wearing a wig because if I’m going to be in the media and be associated with this rugby star, I don’t want my regular clients thinking their favourite expensive escort has retired!

So, my thoughts are; go shopping for starters. There are many designer stores and one off boutiques that only the very privileged know about. Making Tom feel spoilt rotten by adoring store assistants and knowing he will spend a bucket load and be snapped with shopping bags galore will definitely please his agent. Plus being seen with a executive model escort carefully dressed the part in the unmistakeable red soled Louboutins, Birkin handbag and sexy but casual ensemble will definitely promote his already growing star status. Not trying too hard to look ridiculously gorgeous often works a lot better for wowing clients. Also my fantastic Bloomsbury of London wig will give me natural looking red curls with a sexy fringe and definitely won’t get me recognised if I wear my bronze aviators when out and about.

For main course we will be frequenting The Waldorf for a sumptuous dinner and for dessert, the delights of my boudoir!

One thing I found strange about this birthday celebration was the men’s eagerness to have a full escort experience each, so I am eager to please these Brothers, but I just do as I’m told like the good escort I am.

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