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Brief Encounters



There are many opportunities to meet ladies, but sometimes we want to drop the bravado of wooing the lady in question and do what we originally wanted to do there and then – now!!. You can be safe knowing that our ladies reach the parts others cannot – when you need it!! Sometimes, urges cannot wait, so hiring one of our beautiful girls is the perfect thing for you. You will never wait for ages to see our Agency, Pink Girls; if you want to visit her at her exclusive apartment, you can be there in 15 minutes. If you want her to see you at your Hotel again, she can be with you in as little as 30 minutes.

Our ladies are very seductive and ooze charm, which you need. Our Agency Pink companions will exceed your expectations, and you will be lost in the hour or two you spend with one or more of our exotic ladies.  You will have an array of choices when you visit our gallery. Our Agency website is very user-friendly. You will have all the information you need about each beauty at your fingertips; once you have selected, you need to call us, and we will do the rest for you. As you will see, we have a fantastic choice of all nationalities ranging from Brazilian and Italian to Spanish, English and Indian; you name it, we have the perfect somebody for you.

It doesn’t have to be a ‘brief encounter’. You can stay with our fabulous ladies all night if you so wish; you may want to see a movie, have a drink in one of London’s many wine bars, and then go back to your hotel and relax for the whole night in the safe company of an Agency Pink mistress. Our ladies will make you feel very relaxed. You will not be lost for words during your evening; you will believe that you have known this gorgeous companion for a long time, which will enhance your evening no end, making the whole experience well worth it; you may want another meeting very shortly.

All our companions are very professional, and you can be assured that they will give you the best service possible.  They are fun to be with, sexy by nature and very intelligent, which makes every girl you pick understand your personal needs, every time, anytime, night or day. You may not want to see the same lady twice as it may ‘spoil’ the mystique for you, or you may like the familiarity and want to build up a rapport with your encounter, making sure she knows exactly what you wish to do repeatedly. The choice is yours here at Agency Pink escort agency in London, and you will no doubt be telling some of your close friends about the exquisite encounters you have been having and may not want to keep it for yourself for long…

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