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Beautiful Barbara

We could advertise Barbara is the ultimate fantasy girl. Her long blonde hair cascades down her smooth back and her green eyes sparkle with untold secrets. Dressed or undressed, her gorgeous figure whispers "touch me, adore me". However, we do not want to make too much of her physical attributes and nothing of her sweet personality with her naughty adventurous nature. After all, isn't it the inside that shines through to the outside?

Barbara is an incredibly beautiful blonde escort with slender curves and a bottom you just want to bite! Simply stunning at a petite 5 feet 5 inches tall, Barbara is the epitome of a little sexy package. 

Barbara tells us that she enjoys travelling on international assignments with her favourite clients and adores treating them to cheeky surprises that intensify their intimate time together. She is also well read and finds culture fascinating. Maybe treat her to a day's excursion to beautiful architecture and places of interest where you can talk and admire them together.

Booking Barbara could not be simpler - call us or use our online booking form for further details. Of course we have many blondes to choose from and Barbara is just a taster of what we have in store in Agency Pink!

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