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Autumn getawayÂ…

Well, it seems summer is well and truly over. Indeed, the kids are back at school, the good stuff’s back on the T.V and the sudden drop in temperature has got us all complaining about the cold weather. To be sure, one minute we are enjoying some late summer sunshine, the next we are donning cardigans, digging out our winter pyjamas and turning on the central heating.

It is of course natural at times like this to dream of jetting off somewhere hot and sunny overseas. Somewhere where bright sunny days, lazy mild evenings and balmy fun nights all are the norm. The Red Sea maybe or perhaps even the Caribbean. That would certainly be nice. But let’s face it; it probably wasn’t that long ago since you took your last holiday and you might still be paying the cost of that off your credit card now.

No, it’s just a fact that the transition from summer to autumn is rarely a pleasant experience and whilst we’d all rather run away and find happiness somewhere warmer, most of us are simply not in a position to do so.

However, all is not lost. Whilst you may well prefer to be in St Lucia instead of London, there are things you can do to improve your outlook. Indeed, the old saying “Happiness is not a place, it is a state of mind” can be very apt at this time of year as it can help you to realise that it is in fact possible to be happy right where you are – even if you are feeling a bit chilly.

This is because being chilly isn’t necessarily a bad thing. After all, getting a nice, friendly hug or cosying on down with someone warm and cuddly feels so much better when there is a bit of a chill in the air. So, rather than jetting off somewhere warm, all you need to do is find someone who is good at giving nice friendly hugs or loves nothing more than being all snug and cosy.

Fortunately for you, we here at the Agency Pink know one or two ladies (around 50 in fact) who fit the bill perfectly.

All of the lovely London escorts who work with us here at Agency Pink are big on a cuddle, that’s for sure. Indeed, they feel the nip in the air just as much as you do (more so in fact, seeing as some of them wear very short skirts) so you can rest assured they will be every bit as keen to enjoy a bit of shared bodily warmth as you.

Truly, our girls are amongst the most huggable escorts in London; therefore you can be sure that happiness will not be an issue when you arrange a date with one of them.

So why dream of jetting off abroad when true happiness is only a phone call away?

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