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Are you and Owl or a Lark…?

Have you ever seen London at night as you have by day? Have you stepped out in the West End, meandered through the winding streets of Soho and mingled with the late night revellers? Perhaps you have walked past me without realising it and we have jostled shoulders, as I sipped a cocktail on the pavement outside a bar with its doors flung wide open. 

With the evening and late night entertainment in the Capital as lively as it is, anything is possible.

You might think, as a high class escort, I spend most of my waking hours being winded and dined by fervent clients that I consider myself to be at my best after the sun sets. I don't agree. I can get up at the crack of dawn or be out partying until 3am without batting an eyelid. But there is method in my madness - I never book a breakfast date when I have been had a late night the day before. My job does not dictate me; I make my own rules. This is why an office job did not suit me. I couldn't be up at 7am and joining all the commuters to be at my desk by 8.30am. My social life would go down the drain! No wonder half my clients are yawning by 10.30pm when we have been to the theatre to see a show. They are almost hankering after their beds once the curtain goes down... and not for a good reason! How do other people do it??

That's why I think I have the best career in the world. The only thing I have to remember is not everyone has 24 hours in their day to fill with fun and frivolity the way I do!

So you see, our escort agency is open 24hrs of the day, especially for you so there is always a ‘good’ time for you to get away and have a bit of fun with our ladies.  Why not see a lady before work, after work or the very small hours of the morning, we may not have every single lady, but we still do have a great selection at whatever hour you call.  So if you can’t sleep one night, give us a call and let us help you burn some excess energy!!

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