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Après Ski…

While I wait for Claude to come back from a morning on the slopes (snowboarding along with the other gorgeous Europeans I've noticed around the resort) I thought I would give myself a few minutes to brag about my amazing first day on a snow-capped Swiss mountain.

As I mentioned yesterday, our chalet is five-star gorgeousness wrapped up in wood panelling, fur rugs and a real log fire - desperately needed when it's -18 degrees Celsius outside. Claude complained bitterly of aching thighs when we went to dinner so I promised him a deep massage with essential oils which seemed to cheer him up. He knows he chose the right elite escort when he picked me.

I did manage to get out and have a swish-swish on the baby slopes to ease myself back into the swing of skiing. It has been a year since my last adventure on a mountain. I also fancied the instructor and took myself back to a beginner just so he'd have to show me "once more". The only thing was, once I had mastered the basics and my confidence returned, my charade fell away sharply. He looked at me doubtfully as I went from a mess of skis and boots to ploughing a straight and graceful line from top to bottom. Never mind.

My favourite part of this expensive skiing experience is the après ski, with the other residents, as afternoon turns to evening. We thought we would look at Horner as the bar is open till 12.30am with dancing till 2.30am. Claude is an excellent dancer although he said he would stay off the alcohol as a hangover at high altitude made him feel like death warmed up. I on the other hand, couldn't wait to taste the local brew and spent much of my time being chatted up by cheeky Germans. Lauterbrunnen is very German as it happens. The locally brewed beer and food (read: egg-topped rosti and bratwurst), down to cows grazing and picture-box buildings, looks like something out of a Christmas card - very appropriate when you are skiing over the festive period. I simply love it. "Claude" says mountain air must agree with me because I was all ruddy-cheeked and sparkling eyes. He knows how to flatter a girl, not to mention a high class escort!

And now I am patiently waiting for my favourite international client to come with me down the mountain a little further to gorge ourselves on Swiss melted cheese and hot chocolate for lunch. I hope he comes back soon because I'm so warm and comfortable in here (it's snowing again!) that I may not move for the rest of the day. And that would be a shame when there's a whole afternoon ahead of me!

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