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An X rated experience…



It would seem that many of you out there are beginning to prefer the porn star experience almost as much as the girlfriend experience. Just what is it about the XXX stars of the screen that’s getting you all in such a whirl...?

Well, it’s almost certainly something to do with their looks. This goes without saying, doesn’t it? Most agency escorts listed with Agency Pink have a stunning appearance integral to their career. You might also find some of them to be cosmetically enhanced here and there. Some people like this, some don’t, but there can be no denying that every one of the fantastic!

Many would give you the obvious answer, of course, but we must add here that if you think it causes a hot baby or she will indeed have sex with you, then you are very much mistaken. Our model escort ladies are not a guarantee of getting laid, you know. These are women just like any other with free will to choose whatever they want to do, and any booking you make with our Agency, Pink ladiesLadiesthe company and nothing more. What the two (or more) of you decide to do when alone is entirely up to you.

Agency Pink has a wealth of experience in making their clients happy in so many ways you wouldn’t believe it. Just imagine walking into a fancy restaurant in Mayfair, with Rochelle, for example, or even sexy Paula, with a sexy XXX lady on your arm has to be one of the greatest feelings in the world, right?

Imagine what one of these naughty ladies could tell you over dinner or while relaxing in the comfort of your hotel room, waiting for room service to bring you a fresh bottle of champagne. That would be pretty fantastic; we’re sure you’d agree.

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