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An Escorts life

In my line of work it will not do to embarrass easily. Whether it is that I am acting out an unusual fantasy or contorting my body in various positions to be observed in great detail. I cannot get the giggles nor get all self-conscious and reluctant. Being in public with men of all shapes, sizes, age and fashion dos and don’ts are other factors that I must overlook. In an escorts life one needs to be very open-minded. Which is a massive bonus if you want to do this job.

I am not under any illusion that I am not mistaken for a beautiful high class London escort on many occasions at the fantastic 5 star hotels I visit clients at, I’m no fool. A woman walking alone through the lobby of a hotel that the concierge is never seen with a large bag, no luggage and dressed to kill in the middle of the day. It’s not exactly rocket science but the excitement of giving the attendants a little wink as I sashay past in my finery gives me a sense of power. Furthermore, the man on the door gets a thrill of sharing something sordid with a gorgeous Agency Pink lady.

Even going shopping or dining with a much older client who has requested I wear next to nothing and hang off his arm all date is either a sure sign to the general public that I am either a hooker, or a gold digger. But again I really don’t care, it's an escorts life and comes in the job description. The things I get to experience like eating in the finest restaurants, shopping in the most expensive of boutiques and visiting the most fantastic countries is an exceptional life style for me. Therefore, I believe I blooming well deserve it with the effort and dedication I put into making my clients time with me a fabulous one!

Not only am I an elite London escort, but it feels like I am creative director of someone’s fantasies too. That is so much fun let me tell you. Working out my wardrobe, make up and props for making their date one to re book is such a rush. Myself and my fellow elite escort pals have a whale of a time swoping tips and showing off our new treasures that have been showered on us by our most faithful of clientele.

Now, as you know, I am not just an escort for London's best escort agency; no I have a brain and I’m not afraid to use it. I love the intellect of some of my “friends” and it’s not all about the glitz and glamour. But as soon as I head to the beautician and the hairdressers or to Selfridges to pick out some gorgeous couture, current events and world politics slip away and I am caught up in a world of coiffing, bronzing and Gucci.

It’s a tough life but it's an escorts life and I wouldn't want it to be any other way…

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