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An American gentleman…



Just last week, I realised I’d been working here with Agency Pink as a top London escort for a year. I arrived last summer not knowing what to expect but realising that if I wanted some excitement in my life, right in the heart of the UK’s capital wasn’t the wrong place to start.

London is a cosmopolitan city with the most amazing restaurants, theatres, art galleries and clubs. I’ve already had clients take me for meals to some of the top Michelin venues – Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant, for instance, was the first time I’d dined in a celebrity chef’s hangout, which was terrific. Then there was Michel Roux Jr’s two-star Le Gavroche. Their Grilled Scallops with a Clam Minestrone was just out of this world.

The client I was dining with was pretty incredible, too. Frank had arrived in town from Chicago the day before and was looking for company and a good time out with a Latino lady.

He told me that he liked our fun and adventurous outlook on life and had always been impressed at how curvy we tended to be. Well, I wasn’t going to disagree with that. I’m an ample DD with matching hips and a tiny waist, after all. Frank also loved what he referred to as the Latino ‘natural rhythm’ and was desperate to go dancing. I certainly don’t need an excuse to go clubbing.

And I have to say, I’d like to repay the compliment about American clients. I’ve met up with quite a few from the Mid-West and West Coast now, and they’re always a generous, warm-hearted race. I’ve never failed to have fun on a night out with a US client while working as a Brazilian escort in London. Maybe I’ve just been lucky, but the particular clients I’ve been out on a date with certainly know how to treat a lady and have a good time. They can’t seem to do enough for you.

When I said I’d never been to America, Frank insisted that he show me around the Windy City and stay with him in his city centre apartment next time he has some time off. He’ll even send me the plane ticket, he said. See – now that’s very generous.

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