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Amanda's Lunch Date

I have just been taken to lunch by someone very famous, who if seen in public with a London escort will surely be sacked by his management and no doubt divorced by his wife. My job does like to stretch my own morale’s – yes I have some. I have to have an imagination, oodles of sex appeal and huge amounts of discretion. Whether I am canoodling with a 30 year old pop-star or dining with a 60 year old retired banker, I have to show the same amount of qualities to each.


The main man of music requested my company for the afternoon to see what I was like for lunch and whether or not he was going to use my services and call upon them again. All I had in my brief was his name, his requirements (brunette and intelligent – thanks!) and what he was looking for, for the future. I knew this guy well from mags and television and was more than a little excited to be providing him some company. This was not your average lunch date!


I go dressed to impress but not to make him think I was trying too hard. Skinny jeans, a gorgeous sheer blouse which provocatively but with bundles of class showed my very expensive lingerie, a pair of sky high Louboutins. My dark locks half up-half down and smouldering make-up certainly suited the fact he was going to be wooing me for the afternoon. As I was driven to what I eventually realised was a private air field, I thought he would be whisking me off to the South of France for a few hours... but what we actually did was different!!


When he said he didn’t want to be seen, he meant it. The idea was not to actually go anywhere. Who is going to come snapping away at 33 thousand feet? We ate lunch on the jet as we flew to Scotland, re-fuelled and flew back.  Of course his very well paid staff would not betray this musical genius. Even a whiff of something leaking, he would sack them all and re-staff. So we ate, talked and had a cheeky kiss and he said he would be in contact. You know when you have a job interview and you genuinely don’t know how it went? Well, that’s how I felt when I left today!!


Then Agency Pink rang me back and said that he was smitten and he'd asked them to say to clear some room in my diary for him for the near future. So, you probably will be hearing more about me and Mr singing sensation very soon... And I should really give myself more credit as an escort. Job well done!!

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