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Ad Hoc Escort

Some say there is no such thing as a selfless act of kindness. I respectfully disagree. I would say despite the fact I get paid for being an Agency Pink lady I really feel I go above and beyond to provide the best date for my client. You know the bit on every single job description that says ADHOC? Most think they don't get paid enough to do those little jobs as well as their main duties. Well I feel I am exception to that rule and I like to be an Ad Hoc escort. I enjoy the twiddly bits that get added onto a date description. The extra little hand holding, the odd 5 minutes extra or the last minute venue change/costume change!

Take Marty for example. Marty is a very successful broker in Canary Wharf in London and Wall Street in New York. He is a very busy man and at 38 I am surprised he hasn't given himself an ulcer yet. He is a workaholic and despite him being a regular of mine, our definition of regular has to be that when he gets that rare day off (once every millennium) he calls upon my escort services and we see if we can fit in a little girlfriend experience. He tells me he isn't lonely and doesn't have time to think about what he is going to eat for dinner let alone how he can't hold down a relationship. However, when we get together even for 24 hours, he treats me like a princess and any lady would be lucky to have him.

We do book out a day to spend together and we mainly meet for breakfast, go shopping or go to a museum and then have dinner somewhere fabulous. We then end our evening in Marty's favourite hotel in Park Lane and we do what couples do followed by cuddles. Yes, cuddles and maybe a long soak in the bath talking; very Pretty Woman. 

We wake in the morning and that's where the my ad hoc escort extras come in. We have just got up late or got carried away trying to sync our diaries to arrange our next rendezvous. Maybe I have a little gap and he wants to add a few hours on to have lunch or go to an art gallery. You have to be fairly flexible in this job. Some elite escorts in London I know can't wait to leave their date but not me. For example, I will go that extra mile and stick around. Most of the time it is enjoyable and ALL of the time I get another booking.

If there was an award for most attentive ad hoc escort I surely win? Give me a call and I will prove it!!

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