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A Shining Example

I do enjoy a gathering and it seems to be even more fun when there are a few elite ladies circling the room, dressed to kill, enchanting the clientele. We love going to fine places and really acting the part.

Take this evening for example. There were four of us on the arms of four wealthy businessmen. We had arrived separately, but the clients arranged for our company with the same phone call. However, in true agency fashion, discretion was extremely important to these clients.

We were being entertained at the Belgravia home of one of the directors. His £50 million house was the epitome of luxury with a stunning crystal chandelier in the hall way and marble flooring leading off to a grand reception room. I think I may have got lost in there should I have been allowed to explore on my own, so I quickly located the toilet and navigated back through the throng of guests to my date, Harry.

Gloria, Michelle, Chelsea and I were deliberately trying not to show we knew each other and came from the same high class escort agency but it was hard not to make eye contact. Eventually, the pressure eased off when the clients 'introduced' their ladies into the group and then we could chat more easily. There were other WAGS looking either lost, bored or deep in conversation about the most prestigious schools and universities their offspring had been accepted into. The four of us moved discreetly away towards the champagne and canapés before we were sucked into the Mummy Mafia. I did manage to overhear a rather fascinating tale of a young wife taking her husband's black Amex to do some last-minute holiday shopping and needing an extra pair of hands (as well as her driver!) to carry the purchases out of Burberry after purchasing most of the Autumn range. I wondered idly whether she had bought the new boots I had seen in the window and then figured she must have as her whole outfit screamed "haute couture".

Harry and I made our excuses just after 11pm and headed out to Chelsea to have cocktail in Raffles before it got too late. I got to see the other side of my date as our conversation became more intimate and topical to us. A text or two later and we were joined by my colleagues for a night cap and it was Manhattans all round. Fabulous!

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