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A roll in the hay…

There are certain clients whom I get butterflies about when I know I will be entertaining them. This is not in any way meaning that I have feelings for them other than purely professional, I just know what kind of date they will have lined up for their favourite elite escort. I provide the glamour and attentiveness and they provide my wardrobe with some fabulous additions and my mind with some brilliant and exciting memories.

The first date I ever went on with Gian was a truly marvellous helicopter ride over the city before we indulged in a lovely al fresco picnic and personal pudding in a gorgeous plot of land in Surrey Gian pointed out all the locations that he owns property in; an apartment in Mayfair (neighbours?), a luscious house in Hampstead Heath, and his personal favourite, a pretty and idyllic cottage in a remote corner of Surrey. Since our ride of dizzying heights I have visited all of his residencies and have accompanied him shopping to kit them out. I swear my job description should have interior designer in it as well as personal shopper counsellor and stylist to name but a few.

Now, I believe that every good high class escort should pack for their client fitting to what they have learned or what they think by reading their profile. I know that Gian is very fond of the great outdoors and also likes to be led. He likes to put his illicit ideas out there and finds it very arousing when I put my own unique spin on things. We have enjoyed many daring interludes when he has suggested a walk in the country and I have led him into the woods or he has booked the entire box at the theatre so I can revel in the culture of the opera undisturbed but instead I show him my own inner thespian on just how wide I can open my mouth while he hits the high notes.

Today, Gian has told me to dress comfortably and warm and he will provide me with wellies when his chauffeur drops me off at his secret location. Now, I know that wearing said footwear may mean that we will be partaking in some outdoors activity which is fine, but to dress comfortably and warm can surely be interpreted as “add your own elite escort twist”. 

To cover some scenario’s I have packed my bottomless bag of goodies with:

• Farm girl outfit;  Think pigtails, very short dungarees dress and nothing else
• Milk maid outfit; Think frills and lace… and minute!
• Cow-girl outfit;  
Think gingham and tiny

Though, judging by that black rain cloud lurking overhead, we may have to take our possible outdoors activity to pastures dry…

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