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A little insight into Kensington

You’ll find that the girls in Kensington are pretty damn savvy when it comes to London life, and they simply adore shopping of course. These are the girls that “do lunch” so to speak and get together in groups to discuss just how ridiculous and charming the men are! Now we sound as though we’re writing some form of wildlife documentary don’t we? But you’d be surprised at just how the habits of Londoners change from area to area.

What is it about Kensington escorts that make them so special then? Is it really the location, or is it more to do with the type of person who resides in this location?

Well, we all know that Kensington is an affluent and trendy part of the city, there’s no denying that. Anywhere that’s this central to all the action is likely to be expensive anyway right? Perhaps you even live there yourself?

When it comes to entertaining yourself in Kensington you can’t do much better than eating out, especially at some of our recommended restaurants below:

Babylon at the Roof Gardens – Kensington High Street

Arcadia Restaurant – Kensington High Street

Launceston Place – Launceston Pl

Greek Affair –Notting Hill Gate

Those are just a select few that we happen to know are pretty good. A quick search online will reveal you a plethora of other restaurants in Kensington and also offer you reviews etc. However, if you do decide to eat out, you know that eating out is always better with an Agency Pink escort to sit next to don’t you? Well, this is where we can help you of course...

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