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A little English patriotism



There's so much going on this year in and around London that it's hard to keep up. Wimbledon, the World Cup phenomenon, it's undoubtedly time to don your red, white and blue and 2014 seems to ooze patriotism. 

My client, Ollie, requests some British time with me today. We are going to go sightseeing and be tourists for the day. It will feel extraordinary, considering London is my city and I am more than familiar with it. Still, though Ollie has a property in Belgravia, he is constantly jetting off around the world, so given his rare time off, he wants his favourite Agency, Pink Lady, to play tour the big city with him.

Ollie is a fascinating character. He is a big-shot publisher and is constantly busy. At 39, he is the envy of all of his older employees who wish they had his money, his power and his youth, not to mention his success. He is also attractive and a genuinely lovely man and is always seen with a gorgeous model on his arm. 

So, with this rare time for pleasure that doesn't involve staying in for a limited time, we will shun his chauffeur-driven Mercedes and play with all the other tourists on the open-top bus. I'll take in the sights of London with all the oohing and ahhing of the foreign onlookers and pretend that I have never seen the Museums and general landmarks of my much-worried Big Smoke. Maybe this English escort will appreciate her home town more. I enjoy my country more from all the British madness that has played out over the last few months and will continue in the coming weeks. 

I also hope that Ollie appreciates my red, white and blue vajazzle that will surprise him when we get back to his rather fabulous home later to discuss our day out, of course...

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