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A little courtesy goes a long way

Sometimes we have had people who make bookings and simply can’t go through with their appointment. This is this is very ungentlemanly to have our girls waiting at your door while you pretend you are not there. This is only going to cause upset and aggravation in even the best of the girls. You must understand that our Agency Pink ladies take pride in their job and they have more than likely spent valuable time getting ready for their booking in order to impress. Imagine how they feel when you fail to answer the door. Not only could they have been somewhere else, with someone who wants them, but they can also feel quite disappointed.

In dealing with our London escort agency we would appreciate a phone call at least. When you phone us we’ll try our best to sort things out, especially if you’ve called us in plenty of time so that we can redirect our escort and not waste her time.

Sometimes an email isn’t always answered in time. When you want to cancel one of our escort’s, every second does count. The phone is the best way. There is no need to feel embarrassed about calling, believe us when we say that we would much rather take a cancellation on the phone and experience the disappointment associated with it than have one of our ladies waiting outside a hotel room.

If at the very last minute you really can’t go through with it for some unknown reason then it’s really best to talk to the lady when she arrives. We are not demons and we won’t bite your head off, and all the girls have more than likely faced something like this before, so just do the right thing and let us know; as our escort models don’t like to be stood up!!

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