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A lesson well learnt

I would like to clarify one thing - I am not a stereotype. Please don't compartmentalise me into a box labelled "Bimbo". One of the things I pride myself on is my ability to talk knowledgeably about current affairs and wax lyrical on Economics. I have a 2:1 degree from City University and I'd like to say I am a middle class business woman. A big chest can mean a big IQ, and don't forget it. Think of this as a lesson well learnt if you had anything else in mind.

So what makes a clever, educated, elite escort like me want to turn into a complete airhead? The simple answer is role-play. This afternoon I am heading over to Belgravia for an in-call at the elegant home of George. George is a professor of English at Cambridge and is both gentlemanly and reserved. But outward appearances can be deceptive. Close to Knightsbridge, Belgravia is home to some of the most expensive properties in London. Behind the Victorian oak front door with its stained glass, lays a man who is not afraid to show me some discipline in the classroom.

George phoned the agency and asked for an open-minded  london model escort not afraid to accept new challenges. When I spoke to him he told me he wanted to book three separate dates where he could lecture me in his favourite subject and then I was to take an exam at the end of it. Coursework makes up 50% of my final grade but should I misbehave in class, there will be detention (I charge him an hourly rate for any time over!) and corporal punishment.

I arrive with a school satchel, books clasped to my chest and wire rimmed glasses on my nose. George, slightly greying, late forties and distinguished, ushers me inside and down the front hall to his classroom. A chalk board is set up at one end with a desk and chair set back. I am wearing a pleated skirt and blouse, stockings just visible above my hem line and sit quietly down. George resplendent in a black gown picks up a wooden pointer and starts tapping it against his palm. I have a feeling that should I misbehave, I am going to be disciplined right across my backside. A little erotic humiliation for the curriculum.

George appreciates my empty-headed charm and spends our three dates enjoying educating me on verbs and tenses. I travel back to Mayfair with a rather red bottom and amuse the taxi-driver no end by wincing every time we go over a speed bump. 

So how do I feel about going back to school for some extra tuition? A lesson well learnt I say. It's certainly harder these days than when I was a pupil but I tell you what, misbehaving in class was never so much fun!

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