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A grown-up affair

There comes a time in every guys life when he embarks on his first ‘guys holiday', this is normally around the 17/18 years mark and it will often be described as one of the best times of any young mans life. It is normally the first real opportunity to let their hair down, drink loads (often way too much), stare at girls (whilst trying to pluck up the courage to actually talk to them) and just really let loose..

For many their first youthful holiday was the best week ever had and was vowed that it would be repeted every year. I guess at that stage in their lives they honestly believed that they would be quite happy to go on this type of holiday forever, holidays we're set by these first lads getaways and the standard was set. Many were convinced that there would never be a better kind of holiday.

Thankfully men do eventually grow up, and over time they do discover that traveling can be and eye opening, enjoyable experience that doesn't have to involve quite so much booze. However one thing still stays the same - holidays with beautiful girls are always, always better.

Once men reach this stage when the lads holidays are long gone we recommend you consider a travel companion for a change. If you're stuck for company for a trip away, we have the perfect escorts for trips who guarantee to keep the sun shining and they look drop dead gorgeous in a bikini too.

If you are stuck whilst trying to plan your summer holiday, do not be disheartened, if you’re mates are still into the guy’s holiday and you're looking for something a little more sophisticated then one of our travel companions could be just the answer. I don’t think there is one guy on this planet that doesn’t enjoy spending time with a sexy female, add to this the fact that our models are some of the most fun and adventurous girls that you will ever meet and you have yourself the perfect partner to take away with you.

Sometimes change is good, we all have to accept growing up but that doesn't mean we have to stop having fun. Would you like to try skinny dip in the ocean with a stunning model escort? Getting older doesn’t have to be boring you know ;)

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