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A Girlfriend Experience

There's a lot of terminology that is bandied around London escorts and escort agency websites. Whilst there are many people who are ITK (in the know) about what all these terms mean, there are equally a lot of you who will be unfamiliar with what each thing translates to. 

As such, we're running a handy little guide on Escort Terminology, which you can find in abbreviated and alphabetised form GFE.

This is a term that applies to ladies who offer an extensive range of services. Some girls will offer female companionship, whereby you can take her on a dinner date and enjoy her company as based on mutual friendship.

Others are more sexually adventurous and want to indulge their pleasures whilst you spend time with them. The Full Service Escort falls into this category, but it's much more than that!! 

Whilst some of these girls just want to have a little bit of fun, the full service ladies want to experience everything they can! From GFE, domination and more, these girls love to take their dates to a whole new level.

There are no hidden extras with these ladies and they come as they are;

Fernanda is a sexy Brazilian escort and one such of our ladies:

She might look cute in this picture, but that's just what she wants you to think!  This lady loves each and every kink to explore and will always go that extra mile! She loves her job and is glad for you to do what you want.

See her full profile and many more at Agency Pink.

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