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A girl loves to dress up

Dressing up for a client’s fancy dress party reminded us of the time one of our Agency Pink London escorts used to wear a bunny costume on a rather more regular basis. And it wasn’t a fancy dress bunny costume either. No it was the queen of bunny costumes a Playboy bunny outfit, complete with sexy French maid’s dress. 

We have a lady who used to be a bunny girl in Los Angeles, she is a mature escort but has kept over the years looking gorgeous, she can definitely take on any 20year old’s body.

She was telling us how she became a Playboy bunny girl in back in the day.  She was working as a cocktail waitress, it wasn’t quite what she had in mind, but it paid the bills as she was a budding actress and it also helped top up her ‘acting lessons’. 

One day a client came in and she served him (like she did any other client that came in) but this client seemed special, he asked her if she could only serve him that night and paid a big tip for the privilege.

Our lady agreed and she also got to share a few glasses of champagne with this special guest. They seem to ‘hit it off’.  

Her bosses didn’t mind as the client was paying for a lot of champagne and keeping him happy was their priority.

Then the client properly introduced himself and told her he was Hugh Heffner and that he had a playboy mansion and that he would be very honoured if she would work for him?

She was delighted that she had been asked, and was not in the position to be able to turn down work, she jumped at the chance. So, the following day she met him again, outside her work place and jumped into the back of his car.

After a brief 10-minute drive towards the Hollywood Hills, imagine her astonishment to discover that our destination was this huge mansion. This sumptuous palace (which sits on 5.7 acres of parkland and is one of the biggest private residences in the whole of Los Angeles) was bedecked in light wood panelling and gold leaf – all the chandeliers were gold, there were fur wraps everywhere and a drinks decanter glistened in just about every room. 

Outdoors, there are trampolines in the garden and exotic, colourful birds roam the grounds enjoying fresh fruit and nuts from whoever happens to be lying there sunbathing on a lounger at the time. There are beautiful pools, hot tubs and Jacuzzis everywhere. 

We never tire of hearing this story and our mature escort never tires of telling it – a great experience we believe with very fond memories!!

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