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A Confident Female



A lot has been in the press lately about men being intimidated by a successful, confident female. The likes of Vicky B, JK Rowling and Hilary Clinton, to name but a few, are not only prosperous but pretty blooming ambitious. I like to get in on their act and rate myself as very successful at anything I put my mind to, and also, I am super ambitious. When I had my heart set on my gorgeous apartment, I pretty much had it signed and the deal completed in my head before I had even heard back from the agent. I wanted the best relationship and regular client from Daniel, a very handsome and wealthy prince. I met him on a trip with another client to Dubai, and even before I had to think about the colour of my Manolo's, I had already engaged him. A little flirty and more than suggestive eyeballing from across the hotel lobby was all it took.


Some of my clients are easy to lure into my ambitious ways. They like a dominant and confident female, and my suggestions of dining at the OXO Tower at midnight followed by a little private showing of "me, myself and I" in the ladies for afters always 'goes down' a treat. The promise of a peep show in the very respectable shopping mecca of Knightsbridge is a no-brainer. It always sends shivers down my guy's back when he thinks about the glamorous clothes I will be shimmying out of. All after I have wowed him and me by trying them on.


Talking before of Daniel, being a prince and a very well-known one across the globe, he has set all his faith and trust in me to come up with ideas for dates. Whether they are in Chelsea or Marylebone...sometimes not even in London. As he knows, I'm one of the best international travel escorts. He wants, and I deliver excitement yet complete privacy and anonymity. With money never being an option and a hundred privacy statements drawn up by the epitome of legal representatives who scare any big money suit working in Canary Wharf. I have closed restaurants, booked out theatres and wangled my way into many bars through a secret entrance. The ones with that glass that you can see through but no one can see into. Of course, it allowed my prince to feel like he was in the thick of a busy drinking establishment, but with the respectful distance of the two-way mirror glass. Yes, call me a confident female and your Fairy Godmother when making a lonely man feel alive in my great city. 


Plus, he enjoyed what we could do behind the magic glass...


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