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Order in Court

I love role play. If that could be on my headstone, so be it! I love it when a very high profile clientgets me involved in their work. It is super exciting and they get a massive kick out of it when their job is on the line...especially one as important as Jon's. 

Jon is a judge. Not your little court room employment tribunal, a bone fide major judge who gets huge cases. He is also married with children and has a massive home in Belgravia and four dotted around Central London. He is nearing retirement age but is actually super sexy in a very non obvious way; perhaps it’s the wig and gown...or the gavel.

Anyway, Jon decided to use me, his very own escort model, as his PA for the day. This meant making him teas and coffees, typing up any dictation and generally being at his beckon call. This was around the time of a very important murder trial and his eye had to be on the ball. Not remotely distracted. No way, would I? Of course I would.

Don't hire me for the day if you want to concentrate. I flirted, I undone a few buttons on my blouse (sheer but not obviously shameful). I also took my bra off under 
my sheer blouse whilst he summoned me to take some minutes for him. And I sat by the window with the light shining for maximum exposure. I rubbed my hand across his shoulders when I went past him and bent over far enough to show the tops of my stockings. I think I very nearly got found out when his colleague came in and caught me under his desk but thankfully I came out with some papers I had dropped...

The fascinating thing for me is, I'm just doing my job. I won't lose mine if I get caught being what my client wants, yet Jon could lose his if my cover was blown...unlike him when his mate walked in. Maybe it's all part of the thrill? 

I aim to thrill, and my re-booking has told me I have some unfinished business, poor guy!

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