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Take a city break to Madrid

Although the weather in Madrid is much the same as it is here in London (with much less rain!!) don’t let that put you off a city break to remember. As long as you both wrap up warm, you should be able to enjoy the many hidden treasures of this historic and beautiful city. And if the cold gets too much, hop on a bus or train and go somewhere together you might not have thought of before. Remember, when you think you know Madrid, something may just pop up and surprise you!

Our International escorts love to be entertained in Madrid. These girls tell us that the nightlife is one of the city's main attractions! You haven’t truly visited Madrid if you haven’t experienced the clubs, jazz lounges, live music venues. Dining out in Tapas bars, drinking at cocktail bars, or watching flamenco – there is something for all and something every night. Ask your elite escort if she likes to dance or simply sit and tap your feet to the varied talents of Spanish musicians.  

The majority of our girls are available for international assignment which is handy for our clients when they need a companion to take abroad. One of these European cities is Madrid. As the beautiful capital of Spain Madrid is its largest city with a population of just over 3 million people.   

So why Madrid? Known for its political, economic and cultural excellence, is it any wonder that tourists and other Spaniards flock there every year to enjoy everything this city has to offer? From its world-renowned art museums to beautiful architecture (especially the Catholic churches which are a wonder to behold) and classical music –Madrid is a culture-lover’s paradise.

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