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Someone asked me the other day over cappuccino and biscotti whether I would ever consider moving away for my job? I thought about it for a minute and said "no" then I changed my mind and said "maybe".

You see, being self-employed there is no reason why I shouldn’t move around a bit but I am in London and it is the centre of the universe as far as I am concerned. Clients from all over the world come to the Capital to see the sights, take all the photos they can and spend their hard earned cash on little old me. Or any other London escort of their choosing with legs up to her armpits and a million dollar smile. Moving away from London would be like extracting a little of my soul.

But then again... 

I would be able to be an international escort I could fly all over the world – from Europe, to the States, to the Middle East. I could be entertained by Sheiks and Kings and millionaires who might not have English as their first language. I have entertained a Russian diplomat via an interpreter before; there's no reason why I couldn't do it again. I quite like the idea of being an English rose in a foreign place because the competition of other English roses would be a hell of a lot less. When I look at it like that, the pro's outweigh the con's. 

London is my home but you can never say never. I enjoy new challenges and I especially enjoy meeting new people; why else would I do the job I do?

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