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Holidaying with our ladies

In your younger years a holiday was probably lacking sophistication and if you are at an age where you have ‘made it’ and you want a bit more class than we think that hiring one of our elite escorts for a dream holiday would be the answer.  Our ladies are well suited to whatever holiday you wanted. It could be a relaxing holiday or a party one, the choice is yours. With our sexy companions you will never be stuck for somebody to join you on your holiday.

If you are eager to go on holiday and you haven’t got anybody to go with don’t be disheartened, have you ever considered hiring for a beautiful girl to go away with, like one of our Agency Pink ladies? The whole experience would be so much fun.

We don’t think there is one guy on this planet that doesn’t enjoy spending time with a sexy female, add to this the fact that our models are some of the most fun and adventurous companion that you will ever meet and you have yourself the perfect partner to take away with you.

Sometimes change is good, we all have to accept growing up and getting too old to do certain things (like skinny dip in the ocean without a care in the world) but getting a bit older doesn’t have to be boring, give one of our Agency Pink ladies a call and she can explain to you just how much fun going away with her will be.


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