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Don’t be a hater

When jealousy rears its ugly head, it takes a strong woman to let the bitchy comments fly over her head. It also takes a stronger woman to use those bitchy comments to her advantage. 

Imagine if you will a new Agency Pink escort in town. A gorgeous, blonde escort, 20 something with legs to die for and a penthouse apartment in Chelsea to make the best of us jealous. This curvy bombshell needed some camaraderie to get her on board and welcome her to our world so I and some others decided to do a proper meet and greet by taking her out for lunch and shopping to get an insight into her style. A mini initiation if you will. 

So, meeting her along with myself were a couple of veterans in their own right; one International escort with a glitzy and glamorous little black book to put the Hef to shame and a sweet, well spoken English Rose whom is so popular she doesn't know the difference between a weekend and a weekday, morning and night and Christmas and New Year. The 3 of us alone made a striking group and adding the sophisticated newbie, we looked like we were the winners of a supermodel competition but with brains and personalities. 

But, with the face there always comes the green ones and a rival group of escorts spotted our harmonious foursome. So what do we do to get over such bad manners? Well, we flirt outrageously with the devastatingly handsome waiters. We flash little sparkles of our Tiffany jewels and we pull our platinum cards out of our Prada purses. We don't fight the bitterness with words or looks. This is most unattractive and when you're lunching in Knightsbridge and known by many, it won't do to draw unnecessary attention to yourself.

So, look out for the new foursome in town. Sexy, charismatic and interesting, maybe treat yourself for the holidays guys. We aren't averse to sharing. Wink...

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