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A Weekend Of Pleasure With Elite Escorts

A weekend of fun and pleasure with one or more elite London escorts can take on many forms and involve any number of kinky and erotic activities. Of course it goes without saying that a quality escort will be flexible and adaptable in order to give the client the experience that they have been hoping and dreaming of. As a result obliging to a huge range of requests is a big part of the job and it makes the experience just as exciting for the escort as it does for the man. One of my favourite and most common requests from clients is to strip for them and perform a lap dance before we get started. In my experience this is a great way to set the mood and get both the client and I hot and ready for the night.
The key to a truly sexy and erotic strip dance, that I have come to realise, is the way you are dressed. There is nothing attractive about tripping over your own trouser leg or struggling out of a tight dress for example. A wrap around, on the other hand allows you to seductively drop the dress, allowing it to glide gently and silkily over your bare skin. This reveals your sexy lingerie and maybe even some stockings, and this is sure fire way to get the clients blood pumping to the right places. Another trick of the trade is that you must never rush a good striptease, because as the name suggests, the longer you make it last, the more your guy will be gagging for it. With the client sat on a chair or the edge of the bed, is the ideal position to really get up close and personal with the dance moves. I always have on a sexy pair of heels when I'm performing and I make sure they are the last item that I have on. I think most men and indeed women would agree that there is barely a sexier sight that a stunning naked lady in a beautiful pair of high-heels. The underwear is the final thing to come off and I make sure to throw them straight at my client so that he knows that I'm just as excited as he is!

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