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A very thoughtful escortÂ…

As a very thorough Agency Pink escort, I tend to try and find inspiration in anything to keep my clients on their toes. Watching music videos has helped in the past with their raunchy content and obviously watching the obvious tack to gain ideas about new moves. Reading the odd women’s magazine occasionally proves beneficial but mainly because they have advertised Selfridge’s mid-season sale or the new Gucci handbag. That is beneficial when you are going to some very formal functions at the most incredible top London Hotels; that's what I try and convince myself with when my credit card statement comes in any way!

So, upon researching all that is necessary for keeping the success in my world alight, you can imagine my delight when a certain book dominated global success and I had to read it. Now, this book has been the talking point of the elite escort’s regular luncheon and of course the usual gaggle had pre warned me that I need to be reading this to understand what they are talking about. Usually I'm not one to follow suit but this book has opened my eyes to a whole new realm; and in turn, I can share this good fortune of knowledge with my clients. 

I'm never short of ideas or outfits and whatever my clients throw at me, I am able to Google, shop or ask regarding how best to satisfy their needs and this book has certainly upped the ante on toys and props. I never go too far in my mission for the ultimate pleasure experience but to water down certain scenes will still stimulate senses in whomever I am "working" with. 

Oh, my regulars will most certainly be begging for more and more frequently. Watch this space!

So to book your thoughtful London escort give us a try, or if you are a regular you know we always supply the very best ladies around and that is why you come back to us  time and time again and for that we thank you for your custom making us London’s number one escort agency.

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