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Not just any old ‘Girlfriend Experience’…

I have many men who ask for the girlfriend experience, especially new clients. Sometimes my regulars will request something a little different from the simple shenanigans and include a date with some hand holding or a regular theatre and dinner date to feel like a couple. I have recently acquired a man named Rav onto my books that, judging by our first encounter has his sights set on at least a yearlong "relationship".

Rav is a 40 year old lawyer from Hampstead who has never had a meaningful relationship. He is a workaholic and sees his friends and family so rarely it is generally on special occasions that they get together. He told me he is so tired of attending these things alone and his family's constant reminders of his solo status that he has enlisted the help of a model escort to add some super elite into his life.

We talked over some rather delicious cocktails in one of Park Lane’s most gorgeous hotel bars about how we were going to meet once a week and actually get to know each other by doing 'homework' on each other, at a charge for him of course and pencilling in random dates even for 20 minutes to pop in to his office on my way home from shopping to give him a gift that I saw and thought of him. He has even structured a faux illness where I am laid up in my apartment and he brings me soup and flowers. We've even gone as far as to book some Christmas parties and a lunch date with his parents.

I will keep you posted with this one. This will be a very interesting man to do business with I think...

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